Digital Life

5 TED Talks That Will Make You Think about Your Digital Life

Whether you are an occasional social media user or self-confessed digital addict, these talks will make you think about your digital life.

Allison Graham: How social media makes us unsocial

Allison Graham talks about social media and its impact on people’s search for validation. She shares how it may even make people more disconnected than ever.

Ann Makosinski: Why I don’t use a smartphone

It seems hard to believe that anyone who grows up in a connected generation and can afford to buy a decent smartphone will choose not to own one. In this interesting talk, 18-year old inventor Ann Makosinski shares her story on why she does not use a smartphone.

Lior Frenkel: Why we should rethink our relationship with the smartphone

UNDIGITIZE.ME founder Lior Frenkel talks about the need for a digital diet and shares his own work in bringing awareness to smartphone addiction.

Patrik Wincent: What you are missing while being a digital zombie

Psychotherapist Patrik Wincent is the founder of a company that provides counseling to people suffering from digital-related stress. Here he shares personal stories about his own digital addiction in the past and the things he missed out on because of it.

Paul Miller: A year offline, and what I learned

If you have ever wondered how taking a prolonged break from the internet would be like, you can learn a lot from this talk. Paul Miller shares his experience and the things he learned as he spent a year offline.