How To Deal With Disappointment At Work

No matter how much you love the work you do there will be days when things could be better. The challenges may come in different forms and guises. Short deadlines, seemingly unreasonable client demands and unproductive meetings that seem to be accomplishing nothing except eat up your time are just some of the things that could derail you from even the best-laid plans.

There may also be days when the demands of the job can be overwhelming. Mistakes could happen that could add to the frustration of what could already be a difficult day at work. But while there is nothing you can do to ensure that everything would be perfect or as exactly as you want it to be, knowing how to deal with disappointment at work will help you take control whatever curveball life throws at you.

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Your choice is the one thing that you can use to turn a potentially bad day at work around. How you respond to a situation is something you can choose. You can either let yourself be caught in the downward spiral of frustration and despair. Or you can opt to do something about the problem using your knowledge, skills, and abilities as well as the resources available to you to address it effectively.

The sooner you accept the unpleasantness that may happen, the sooner you can come up with ways to resolve it. It not only saves you precious time but also minimizes the varying levels of stress that comes with any kind of work.

5 Ways to Go on a Digital Diet

If you are not keeping track of how much time you have been spending online, now is a good time to start doing it. You might be surprised with how many hours of non-work related stuff you end up doing while on the internet. While you do not have to do something drastic like going offline for the rest of your life, you still need time to take a break from excessive online consumption. If you are ready to take on the challenge of going on a digital diet, here are some ways to do it without going crazy.

Turn off notifications
Notifications are among the biggest time vampires, if left unchecked. You may think that taking a quick look every time you get a notification will not amount to much of your time. But checking every notification you get at any given day can have a cumulative impact on your productivity. It could also add up to the time you spend online. Turning off notifications on your computer and smartphone not only limits distractions. It will also help in keeping you on a digital diet.

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Avoid the social media trap
It is easy to get stuck on social media. You access your account to check a friend’s post or read the news and the next thing you know you have been there for over an hour. There are just so many things happening and random things to find on social media that will get you hooked in no time.

Set aside some time offline
Disconnecting is easier said than done when you always have your devices within reach. If you want to go on a digital diet, consider setting aside some time offline away from your computer, smartphone, and other gadgets. Leave your smartphone behind and go for a short walk. Or do something fun that will take your mind off checking emails and messages.

Start a new hobby
Doing something new requires focus which is a great way to shift your attention away from the digital world. Start a new hobby that allows you to explore and learn new things away from the internet. Join a book club, sign up for cooking class; grow an edible garden, or anything that you find interesting enough to spend time working on.

Work on a project
Taking on a digital diet challenge is a good way to start working on a personal project. Do something that you may have wanted to do for so long but did not have the time to pursue. Or you can start crossing off items on your bucket list. Devote the time offline on things that will help you grow personally or professionally.